My Story

I am Dana Wilson of Dana Wilson Realtor- a residential and commercial sales expert.

In addition to being a trusted and responsive sales and marketing expert, I have a specialty Certification in Divorce Real Estate.

This specialty certification requires 90+ hours of education in the very complicated legal and financial challenges presented by Divorce Real Estate. The lesser known skill that comes with my certification is the ability to help navigate the delicate emotions that are inevitably involved when one is selling or buying their dream home whilst going through a divorce.

I also have a specialty Certification in New Home Builder real estate. This specialty certification allows me to provide you with expert help in finding, negotiating and buying a NEW HOME!

For those newcomers to Fort Worth area (physicians, professionals relocating their careers, military personnel, etc) Dana has a Specialty Rental Program which will allow renters to choose their dream home and RENT it. These renters then have the RIGHT to buy this home later but are not required to do so.

Physicians love this program; their focus and energy is devoted to establishing a new practice, not buying a home. Because newcomers do not yet know Fort Worth, their concern is often, “How do I choose the right neighborhoods for my family and the right schools for my kids?”

That’s where I come in to save the day! Let Dana Do It!

Believing strongly in a work-life-community balance, I am a Mentor for “at-risk” 4th graders at Daggett Elementary school where I get to spend the entire school year one-on-one with a kid who needs a grown-up’s help. The purpose of the program is to allow kids to discover their potential to grow, go to college and become successful leaders in their communities. I discovered this program through another realtor and have now become so involved that I actively recruit other Realtors to become mentors, too

Heavily involved in community and charitable groups, I am on the Board of Directors and Treasurer of Ridotto-Fort Worth’s oldest member club. I am part of my Neighborhood Watch and C.O.P.S. program.

Being a Stage 4 head and neck cancer survivor, I mentor other head and neck cancer patients who are going through the same illness and treatments I endured in 2009. I give talks to patients and caregivers about finding their path through cancer and back toward life and hope. In addition, I donate a percentage of every commission check to Cancer Care Services, a local charity that offers financial and emotional support for patients and caregivers.

I spend my free time cooking and entertaining friends, sipping fine red wines, singing (whenever someone allows me to), traveling, being with family, and continuously learning new things such as voice over work, real estate/flipping homes and improving my skills as a baker and chef

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